International e-commerce

e-commerce grows throughout the world and opens up new business opportunities for Finnish retailers. With Posti as your partner, the growth of your online store will not be stalled by country borders or travel times.

Transport abroad

International e-commerce requires versatile competence, such as country-specific knowledge about export, taxation and consumer protection. We help you select the suitable delivery types and offer transport to everywhere in the world for your online store. In Sweden and Estonia, we offer you a comprehensive network with its pickup points and tracking services.

Route to Russia

e-commerce grows fastest in the east, e.g. 20-30% a year in Russia. Our extensive experience in the local market has earned us the position of the market leader in warehouse logistics and a preferred partner. We employ more than 4,000 local professionals.

Through us, you can deliver your items directly to Russia or your Russian customers can pick up the products they have ordered from pickup points in Finland. When you need help in customs clearance or marketing, contact us! We help you enter and succeed in the Russian market.