Online store delivery types

Pick-up from a Posti parcel point

Pick-up from a pickup point

Pick-up from a postal outlet

Home Delivery

Product SmartPOST Economy Economy Express Flex
Delivery time 0-3 days 1-3 days 1-3 days 1-3 days
Pickup point

Any parcel point

Any pickup point Nearest postal outlet Delivered to the home door
Integration Pickup point register, prinetti Pickup point register, prinetti Prinetti Prinetti

Integration methods in an overall view

Pickup point register

The pickup point register is Posti's system containing information about all our service points. The delivery types "Pick-up from a Posti parcel terminal" and "Pick-up from a postal outlet of your choice" retrieve the pickup point information from the register. The information of the pickup point selected by the consumer are transferred to us in the details of the actual item.

Printing of address labels

As parcel address labels, use only address labels that comply with our guidelines. The parcel address label features a unique item ID with which you can track the item's progress. When you are sending to pick-up point recipients correct mobile number is important! Please check guidelines using mobile numbers here.


Prinetti is Posti's free-of-charge address label printing software. In addition to printing, Prinetti sends advance information about items automatically to Posti's systems. We offer you address label printing material free of charge.