Frequently asked questions

1. Can items that have been stamped with the franking machine be dropped off in a mailbox?
Letter items can be dropped off in a mailbox, but take larger batches to a postal outlet. If you drop items off in a mailbox after its latest emptying time, stamp them with the following day's postmark or an additional zero-euro postmark.

2. Do I need a reference number when paying assets into an account?

When you make a payment through Extranet, you do not need a reference number. For further information, please contact our customer service.

If you pay operating assets into an account, you need a reference number. It directs the payment to your machine's account. A missing reference number delays the transfer of money and the machine cannot be topped up.

3. I have lost my reference number. How do I get a new one?
The reference number for your franking machine can be found in the activation notification and on the first page of the transaction breakdown. You can also order the reference number of your machine by calling Posti's service number +358 (0)20 452 3602 (New number from March 16, 2015: 010 802 822, Mon-Fri 9-15)   or sending e-mail to Your machine's reference number will be sent to you by mail.

4. What use is a zero top-up?
With a zero top-up, you can see the balance of your account. Before actual top-up, it is a good idea to check the balance with the zero top-up and thus ensure that you do not accidentally use the limit (=credit), subject to a charge. In connection with the franking machine inspection, we conduct a data transfer to the top-up center and Posti's invoicing on behalf of the customer. A zero top-up does not incur any expenses

5. If the franking machine "locks up" (time limit, data transfer), how can you return it to operation?
Perform a zero top-up. In some machines this is called a balance query.

6. What is a limit?
A limit is credit granted by Posti when topped up assets are temporarily finished. It is an additional service that is subject to a charge and the activation of which is to be agreed separately. Contact the machine representative or check the manual to find out if your machine is suited for the limit service.

7. In our franking machine, there are a lot of exceptional top-ups by accident. What should we do?
Contact the machine's importer to check how to avoid accidental exceptional top-ups. If this does not help, send a written request to Posti's invoicing to ask them to deactivate the exceptional top-up functionality.

8. Why the top-up sometimes fails?
The top-up procedure is covered by multiple layers of protection. There may be disturbance in data network or telephone connections due to which the top-up procedure fails. For further information, please contact the top-up center administrator.

9. What is a price memory?
A price memory is a memory circuit containing prices that is installed in the scales or in the actual franking machine. The price memory facilitates updating significantly and, at the same time, ensures that items are not accidentally overpriced, for instance. Machines with product monitoring must be equipped with a valid price memory.

10. Is a new price memory obligatory in the scales?
We always recommend using a valid price memory. Machines with product monitoring must always be equipped with a valid price memory. An outdated memory will lead to the cancellation of the product monitoring feature.

11. I accidentally stamped a pile of letters with an incorrect postage fee. What should I do?

Sometimes when stamping items, there may be postmarking errors that cannot be used as a postage fee. We will refund the postmarking errors if their value is EUR 20 or more and if they are less than 6 months old.

Fill out a postmarking error application. Pack the form and the incorrect postmarks in their entirety with their envelopes into one item, ensuring that the package does not fall apart during transport. Print a postmarking error application

Mail the item to:

Posti Oy
Tunnus 5009023

The postmarking error refund is subject to the charge defined in the price list. We will add the approved postmarking errors into the operating assets of your franking machine.

12. What is a postage reply mail?

You can pay the postage fees of your reply mail by stamping the postage fee stamps on the return envelopes or cards in advance. Print or mark the word "Postimaksuvastaus" (in Finnish) or "Frankosvar" (in Swedish) next to the postage fee stamp as the service identifier. A postage reply mail is best suited to minor, occasional reply needs.

As the fee, use the postage fee of a Priority letter according to the franking machine price list. As the date of the stamp, use the current date although it is not he same as the mailing date of the item.

The postage reply mail service is not available abroad or in the Åland Islands. A franking machine reply mail must be used within six months of the date of the postage fee postmark. Unused postage reply mail envelopes are not refunded as postmarking errors.

13. Can the assets remaining in a terminated machine be transferred to a new franking machine as operating assets?

Yes, they can. We will conduct the transfer if you request it in your notice of termination.

14. Why must the machine be delivered to a maintenance company due to a change in our company?
This is to ensure that the payment assets in the machine are transferred into the correct account. When it comes to money, i.e. the postage fee account, franking machines are particularly well protected. This protection can only be revoked at the importer's maintenance company.

15. Can an item stamped with a franking machine be mailed with an old date?
No, it cannot.