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Demand the best from your logistics partner

Goods and products are constantly being transported and stored

In spite of the digitalization of the world and trade, goods and products are constantly being transported and stored. The cornerstones of e-commerce are the assortment, the customer experience and the total logistics costs. The customer experience is particularly affected by delivery speed, quality and the transparency of the delivery process.

We have noticed that, unfortunately, some online stores fail specifically due to logistics. Consequently, we at Posti have taken it upon ourselves to seek success-generating solutions for e-commerce, both in logistics and in the supply chain.

For small online stores, we offer standard solutions, whereas customized solutions are a better option for larger online stores. In addition, we actively seek internationalization opportunities for Finnish online stores. After all, e-commerce knows no national borders. For instance, the Chinese want to buy high-quality, leading brand products from Europe.

Request your logistics partner to provide all delivery type options 

For a consumer, the important aspects in e-commerce are the total price, availability and delivery speed. Along with e-commerce, the choice of the shopping delivery type has moved from the retailer to the consumer. Consumers may, if they wish, choose a different way to receive their parcels each time.

In the summer, the customer may wish to receive the parcel at their summer house or at a store's Parcel Point to be picked up when shopping for groceries. In the winter, receiving the parcel conveniently at home is an attractive alternative.

This requires that the online store chooses a logistics partner that offers all delivery types. As the customer wants to receive the ordered products quickly, request your logistics partner to also provide overnight delivery, when necessary.

Accept only high-quality deliveries  

As retail trade expands from brick-and-mortar stores to e-commerce, new types of logistics challenges emerge. E-commerce creates cost pressures and at the same time opens up new opportunities for new logistics solutions.

During the past few years, Posti has invested strongly in e-commerce services in particular. Posti's new automated warehouse that will be opened in Vantaa in the fall is among the most modern in Europe. The warehouse and its IT solutions open up amazing new success opportunities for online stores in particular.

The products are picked at Posti's warehouse automatically, the parcels are automatically transferred to the logistics center for delivery and the products may be delivered even on the same day as the order was made. When necessary, products from Posti's, the online store's or even the importer's warehouse are combined into the delivery. Speed, quality and efficiency!

Thanks to optimized transport and the speed provided by the automated warehouse, the online retailer gets up to 2-3 additional days of sales e.g. during hectic seasons, such as Christmas. This is financially significant for each online retailer.

In Finland, we have an increasing number of online stores showing a great deal of courage. I wish you all good luck and success!

Jukka Rosenberg

Jukka Rosenberg

SVP, Parcel & Logistics Services