Pasi Ketonen

The supply chain of the digital era improves e-commerce efficiency

Trade is undergoing a major transformation. E-commerce is changing many customary trade procedures, from sales to delivery. The most significant change is the internationalization of trade, which both increases competition and offers growth opportunities.

"The online retailer has a reason to smile as the supply chain of the digital era increases inventory turnover and fast deliveries improve customer satisfaction.", says Pasi Ketonen Service Portfolio Manager from Posti's eCom Solutions

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Saara Pietilä

Why did Posti’s Parcel Points become a huge success?

People have started to appreciate their free time more. Services that give us more free time have good prospects of succeeding.

"It takes about 15 seconds to pick up a parcel at the Parcel Point, and there are no queues." Saara Pietilä, Business Manager, Posti's Parcel and Logistics Services

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Jukka Rosenberg

Demand the best from your logistics partner

- Goods and products are constantly being transported and stored.

- Request your logistics partner to provide all delivery type options.

- Accept only high-quality deliveries.

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Jaakko Kaidesoja

International e-commerce is a huge opportunity

The e-commerce market is global and open 24/7. This opens up a huge opportunity for a retailer. The potential clientele of a traditional brick-and-mortar shop increases multifold, while investment in the store structures remains reasonable.

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The e-commerce race steps up a gear - can you keep up?

For quite a while already, many indicators, studies and forecasts have predicted strong growth for e-commerce. New, fascinating opportunities and markets have emerged.  I would like to encourage all business decision makers to assess and test a business model that crosses Finland's borders.

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