Transport service address labels

We will reform the domestic transport services for our business customers as of October 3, 2016. As part of the reform, the current Prinetti address label printing system and the SmartShip freight ordering channel will be replaced by the new Posti SmartShip system. See the change page for more information on, for instance, the schedule.

Implementing and updating your printing software

If you are using some system other than the Posti SmartShip system, please have the address labels checked by our experts before using them. Updating the printing software can be necessary to ensure that it corresponds to the newest service features.

When renewing or updating your printing software, send the address labels to us for checking to the address

Posti Oy/Osoitekortit P.O. BOX 4
FI 00011 POSTI

or send them as a PDF file to the e-mail address