Instructions for packaging

Pack your item so that it can endure mechanical processing. When you buy the Special Handling additional service, we transport the item carefully and separately from other items in Finland. This service is not available for international parcels.

According to general transport regulations, the sender is responsible for packaging. The item must not cause damage to either people or property.

Sending liquids

Send items liable to leak as contents requiring special handling. Use tight containers or bottles. Please pack containers with large openings, such as buckets containing berries, in plastic bags. Tape or tie the bag so that it is waterproof. Pack all containers with liquid in a durable box and wedge them so that they are immobile. The package must include filling material to absorb any liquid should the container or bottle break.

Close the item carefully

Place everything included in the mailing inside the parcel. Any separate items attached to the parcel will easily get lost. An awkward form will complicate the handling of the item. Do not leave any flaps or protruding parts on your parcel.

Use a sufficient amount of tape, string, metal clasps, bands or other fixing material to close the parcel. However, bear in mind that nothing may cover the address label.