Import clearance of incoming mail shipments

Shipments arriving from outside the EU countries or the special regions outside the EU excise and value-added tax area may require customs clearance. Shipments are directed to customs clearance on a decision of Finnish Customs. Posti sends the recipient a notice of arrival of the shipment to be declared.
The shipments that do not require customs clearance are delivered to the recipient or directed to the recipient's nearest post office to be collected.
Finnish Customs calculates the clearance fee and the taxes based on the shipment's declaration value. The overall fee includes the shipment expenses.

Instructions for transit procedure of postal consignments

Transit items are addressed to warehouses authorized by Customs holding the status "authorized recipient". Posti will not handle transit items that have been addressed to a party lacking the aforementioned authorization.

Authorized forwarders are listed on the website of Finnish Customs.  You can search for companies by entering the name of the city in the Kaupunki (City) field. Authorized recipients (VV) are marked with an X in the right-hand column of the table.

New customs clearance procedure for postal deliveries as of 1 January 2014.