Electronic invoice

Posti e-invoice

Posti’s e-invoice contains invoice data and an attached csv spreadsheet.

E-mail invoice

E-mail Invoice is a paper free invoice, which is sent as an email attachment (PDF) directly to your e-mail address. The invoice also includes attachments. All you need is a valid email address.

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Company information

The e-invoicing address consists of a country code (in Finland 0037) and the company’s business ID without the hyphen, and a possible extension (max. 5 characters). If necessary, you can check the number with your operator. For further information, contact our Customer Service.

Email-invoice can be sent by ordering company or by invoicing address. Some of the e-mail services or programs may interpret e-mail-invoice as a spam. The problem can be avoided by adding e-mail invoice shipping address to trusted addresses (secure) or to contacts. More information from Posti customer service.

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